Cinzia Corsetti

Head of Energy Markets Innovation

Cinzia Corsetti - enel.startup

Cinzia Corsetti was appointed Head of Energy Markets Innovation at Enel in 2017. Her responsibilities include the promotion of innovation in client relations and the search for new business models, encouraging the sharing of good practices by the market units that together handle more than 70 million clients in the countries where the Group operates.

Corsetti joined the Enel Group in 1993, working in a range of positions in the innovation sector: from client relations to smart cities. 

With nearly 10 years of experience in customer management, she coordinated the project for multichannel marketing activities and, in 2001, launched the Enel Contact Center, the central, virtual customer service centre which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Italy and is integrated with the first online portal of its kind to serve a total of approximately 30 million customers nationwide. With the involvement of thousands of telephone consultants, who were trained in customer centricity, she managed Enel’s client relations during the deregulation of the retail electricity market in Italy.

Since 2010 she has coordinated the promotion of Smart Grid technology in Latin America, including smart metering, electric mobility, network automation and smart public lighting, working on the creation of two Smart Cities: “Ciudade Inteligente Búzios” (Brazil) and “Smartcity Santiago” (Chile). 

She was previously a Member of the Board at Enel Sole.

Before joining Enel, Corsetti worked at IBM, in a range of positions in the International Software Development Laboratory. 

She has spoken at international conferences on innovation.

She holds a Master’s in Electronic Engineering (with top honours) from La Sapienza University in Rome.

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