iGenius’s take on sustainable business intelligence: meet Crystal

Published on Friday, 14 January 2022

According to Sharka, “the Crystal platform is made up of three main proprietary components: fast data retrieval, machine deep learning, and natural language processing.” He continues by revealing that “based on a microservice approach, our platform uses many programming languages to make it fully integrated and cloud-agnostic.” This AI is currently in its second software version, which has allowed it to be lighter, faster and smarter than ever, as well as to easily connect to any open channel. What once took three to six months to integrate into a company’s data set, now only takes minutes with the updated version.

A win-win collaboration with Enel

As digitalization in business becomes more imperative, at Enel we have worked with iGenius to co-create and implement Crystal within our energy plants for Enel Global Thermal Generation, in order to access data in real time for various locations around the world. By seamlessly using Crystal’s conversational technology to monitor plant generation capacity, temperature and maintenance levels, among other things, we are able to increase business efficiency and make smarter and timelier decisions.

We met iGenius through a startup scouting round, specifically targeted towards AI emerging companies. Together, we defined and shared business objectives. “Innovation and sustainability cannot help but go hand in hand and, for that reason, it is crucial to innovate and disrupt the B2B data industry to make it more efficient, accessible, and easy to use,” mentions the CEO. Thereby, a partnership with Enel truly was a natural fit.

Sharka is proud to say, “our company has evolved thanks to our connection with Enel: their collaborative culture has allowed us to continue to grow.” By envisioning a future where artificial intelligence can be both sustainable and less complex, iGenius is revolutionizing the technology and taking on an active role in the global energy transition.

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