M2D: Holistic solutions for renewable plant efficiency

Published on Monday, 15 February 2021

Helios Pro analytic dashboard example

Helios Pro analytic dashboard example

More recently, the company has been working on enhancing its predictive maintenance solution, Helios Pro. This product focuses on improving quality control of renewable plants by “combining big data analytics with AI technologies to predict inverter failures and inefficiencies”, asserts Marano. He adds that “the platform will also be integrated with autonomous driving systems and data acquisition on renewable plants to generate savings in time and resources”. Helios Pro is currently being launched globally and is already being used in Chile, Peru, South Africa, Greece and Mexico.

In addition to the challenges M2D helps companies to solve, Marano and his team are also conscious of their social responsibility as a startup. “By putting people at the center of continuous development and growth, we strongly believe that AI and autonomous robots are key elements to a sustainable future and a better life”, indicates the CEO. By using cleaner energy and a more efficient production processes we can continue to progress with the energy transition.

Change is vital and the future is clear

The year of 2020 was undoubtedly a year of change, acceptance and adaptation, but it also brought out the best in many people and companies alike. For M2D, this past year strengthened their resilience and has allowed them to grow and innovate. Marano notes: “We have gained even more awareness of how the world is moving rapidly towards a sustainable and digital future”. He adds that “through our AI platforms and autonomous systems, we aim to make our contribution by improving inefficiencies, reducing waste, and being drivers of development and change”. 

For Enel, working hand-in-hand with M2D to co-create these sustainable solutions has proven successful in increasing the efficiency of our renewable plants worldwide. As Marano says: “Enel has been fundamental in our growth process by guaranteeing access to the data and infrastructures necessary to be able to tackle big data issues and to create a sustainable business case”. 

As the startup scales up and extends its solutions to wider markets, we will continue to work together, gather quantitative and qualitative data, and test new technologies through our Catania Innovation Hub and Lab. With a shared goal in mind and M2D’s holistic view of renewable plant efficiency, we will drive the necessary changes for a more autonomous future.

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