Solerzia: key solutions for smart urban infrastructure

Published on Tuesday, 26 November 2019

“The concept of innovation has much in common with that of evolution in the animal kingdom – it’s a necessary condition for survival”

– Gianni Falchetti, Founder & Innovation Manager, Solerzia

Depending on local needs, Smart Poles can be configured to offer a variety of functionalities, within a model that allows to always add new ones: urban lighting, telecommunications (5G/Wi-Fi/fibre-optic connection), real-time traffic and parking analysis, smart road sensors, video surveillance and video analysis, electric bike and device charging, information and advertisement displays, emergency video-call systems and first aid tools (AED) integration, energy storage. These structures can be used for different purposes in various contexts, such as business and company buildings, urban and rural areas or even road networks.

The aim of these infrastructures is to revolutionise urbanisation with environmental awareness. Sustainability is one of Solerzia’s core values and, for this reason, Smart Poles are solar-powered and operate as the basic building block of photovoltaic infrastructure for zero-emissions cities of the future.

In addition to these solutions, Solerzia also operates as a consultancy firm, providing guidance, technical know-how and assistance to any customer with a good innovative concept. Over the years, the company’s expertise, work ethic and motivation have enabled the startup to adapt its services to a very wide range of customer needs. “Continuous innovation is, in fact, Solerzia’s priority and vocation. Our real core business lies in responding quickly to the needs of a diversified customer pool,” adds Falchetti.

To improve operational efficiency, Solerzia has chosen to outsource activities such as the manufacturing of hardware and devices and the production of software components, in order to focus its expertise on design, engineering and assembly, within its research, development and optimisation activities for new smart infrastructure solutions. “Research and development is a key activity for the company, which allows us to both maintain our competitive advantage and uphold the high quality of our solutions,” adds Falchetti.

Today, Solerzia has already installed its products in Italy and is conducting pilot projects for its equipment all over the world. Falchetti explains, “Installations have been carried out in many countries such as Chile, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and we keep receiving project drafts and technical requests from all over the world.”

A partnership with a common goal

The relationship between Solerzia and Enel X began in 2018. At he time, Enel X’s Innovation & Product Lab had promoted experimentation within the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE)’s “Progetto 5G” contest, which allowed standout candidates to co-develop, test out and validate Smart Poles – that is modular solutions that can supply cities with smart services. Solerzia was amongst the participants. Falchetti recalls, “The initiative allowed us to experiment and install some of our more complex projects, and to collaborate with Enel X to complete the industrialisation phase.”

The solutions co-developed by Solerzia have been installed and validated by the Innovation Lab in Catania, where they continue to undergo continuous improvement activities in order to make Smart Pole solutions increasingly efficient and resilient.

“Collaborating with Enel and having the attention of such an important company, a global leader in the field, has offered us a huge boost in terms of know-how transfer, visibility and credibility with suppliers, customers and investors,” Falchetti explains.

“Many markets are hungry for innovative infrastructure solutions. The issue of energy sustainability is not only a genuine requirement, but also a global trend in terms of ethics,” the founder adds.


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