iGenius brings data intelligence to your business, with Crystal

Published on Wednesday, 16 January 2019

“Being innovative means doing things differently or doing things that have never been done before”

– Uljan Sharka, CEO and founder of iGenius

Artificial Intelligence made in Italy

iGenius is different from other startups in this field because its staff create all of their Artificial Intelligence in-house. “The Crystal platform is made up of three main proprietary components: Fast Data Retrieval, Machine Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Based on a microservices approach, our platform uses many programming languages to make it fully containerised and cloud-agnostic,” Sharka says. One of the big advantages of this is that Crystal can be deployed everywhere. 

The dynamic Italian startup has experienced swift growth right from the start. iGenius was founded in 2016, when it was granted one of the largest funding rounds in Europe from Business angels (worth $7,000,000). Within six months, Crystal was created. In less than a year, it was selected as a top startup product by Facebook, Google, Web Summit, Startup Grind, and TechCrunch. Today iGenius has team of 100, with four offices located, respectively, in the USA, the UK, Italy and Switzerland. According to Wired it's one of the nine most promising Italian startups to keep an eye on in 2019.

The virtual advisor has also evolved quickly. Now, Crystal is available in six languages  (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese), and is used by almost 30,000 brands and dozens of enterprises, particularly those in the financial services, insurance, healthcare and energy and utility sectors. What benefits does Crystal offer companies? “Organisations are increasing operational efficiency, making faster and more informed decisions and pushing innovation,” says Sharka. In terms of efficiency, information is democratised, allowing everyone to make quicker decisions across all departments and boost their ability to gather significant insights from data.


“An innovator is someone who creates environments in which employees are dedicated to challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and achieving growth.”

– Uljan Sharka, CEO and founder of iGenius

A win-win collaboration with Enel

“At iGenius, we think innovation is fundamental to driving growth: we experiment, adapt, make and remake to provide effective digital products, so as to be sure that every delivery meets our exceptional standards and long-term quality values,” Sharka adds. With these values, their partnership with us at Enel is a natural fit.

We discovered the company through a startup scouting round targeted towards Artificial Intelligence startups. Together with iGenius, we defined and shared business objectives. iGenius worked closely with Operation and Maintenance staff of Global Thermal Generation to understand key performance indicators. Deploying their solution in a business environment gave them the opportunity to “prove Crystal’s versatility, and how it can not only be used in different contexts and with different types of users, but also in multiple languages,” says the CEO.

“We have a burning desire to be involved in building great digital products. Partnering with Enel is a privilege and allows us to face this challenge on both a purely technological point of view, and a cultural and organizational one”, Sharka adds.

Now the staff at iGenius are looking toward the future: “We want to extend the use of Crystal to a wider audience and to any field application, to give everybody the same opportunity to compete in the market by leveraging Artificial Intelligence,” the CEO explains. If you usually have a misunderstanding with data in your business, you can make things simpler with iGenius and Crystal.

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