Arm23 makes our Catania Hub&Lab more accessible

Published on Wednesday, 8 August 2018

“Those who want to be a part of the technological revolution need to work with others in order to avoid being left behind”

– Achille De Pasquale, CTO of Arm23

Arm23 subsequently expanded into the fields of security, marketing, logistics, medicine and healthcare, “integrating Mixed Reality, internal and external navigation and machine learning into our technological set,” De Pasquale adds. The startup has been working with a growing number of users. Arm23 currently has offices in Catania, Rome, Milan and Brussels, and has important collaborations with partners operating in New York and Los Angeles.

Welcome to the Catania Hub & Lab!

Working in several fields requires a variety of technologies and creates different results. As De Pasquale explains: “Our solutions, which mainly consist of applications and management software, are designed to accelerate and optimise business processes.”

At Enel, we have taken advantage of some of these solutions. Our collaboration with Arm23 began after recognising the need to make our Innovation Hub & Lab offices in Catania more accessible to everyone involved. To make this happen, we collaborated with Arm23 to develop the Indoor Navigation App, “which guides its users inside the Hub's spaces with digital maps, interactive paths and points of interest, and these can be explored even with Augmented Reality,” explains De Pasquale.

The collaboration to develop and test the Indoor Navigation App proved to be beneficial for both parties. The successful implementation of the service generated interest among several of Arm23’s customers and this has, in turn, improved its future market prospects: “Today we can think of starting important partnerships for our business without having to leave our office in Catania… For us, the Innovation Hub represents a stimulating environment for continuous growth on the issues that are dearest to us, namely, innovation and technology”, says De Pasquale.

Research and Innovation around the clock

Arm23 seeks to push technology beyond its limits, but “the technological field travels at such a speed that it would be impossible to emerge without constantly trying to research and develop new and absolutely original solutions,” adds De Pasquale. The CTO believes that “innovation does not just mean creating something from scratch, but being able to integrate pre-existing solutions into a product that no one had ever thought of before.”

With the rapid advances in technology, some people are hesitant to adopt automation for fear that intelligent machines will take over their jobs. From Arm23’s point of view, “the ultimate goal is not to replace people with machines, but to refine technological solutions in order to improve communication, learning and interaction between people.”

The Catania Innovation Hub & Lab is an avant-garde space where the dynamic combination of people and technology creates progress. De Pasquale concludes: “It isn’t easy to find what the Enel Innovation Hub offers elsewhere. All the people who work here have an international business vision and a very high level operating range. Arm23’s key values include research, teamwork, comparison and internationalisation, and these values have been strengthened by working with Enel.”

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