Ares2T, enhancing EV charging

Published on Friday, 6 April 2018

“Smart e-mobility is today the best path for sustainable mobility to follow, from now to 2030, it is a way forward which involves continuous innovation to synthesize the energy and mobility ecosystems”

– Yuri Chianese – Chief Growth Officer di Ares2T

The Ares2T team had already worked with Enel Distribuzione on the FP7 Mobincity project, which developed a system to plan and control EV charging, a prototype of the solution being offered today. It also worked with Enel on the INCENSe accelerator, which was dedicated to green energy and technology. Future projects aim to develop new models tailored for B2B clients, new features for the Enel charging infrastructure and new synergies with Vehicle Grid Integration solutions (smart charging and V2G).

“The value-added services linked to Vehicle Grid Integration, developed in pre-production with Ares2T, represent a future opportunity for creating value for our clients and a step forward in the decisive development of our technology, which will support the mass take-up of e-mobility over the next decade”

– Giovanni Coppola, E-Mobility Program Manager - Enel X

In recent years, Ares2T has received numerous awards: it was considered a Fiware Success Story in 2015 and was presented at COP 21 in Paris and at the European Parliament in April 2016. Ares2T is one of the 100 Italian success stories included in the book “100 Italian e-mobility stories” published by Symbola and Enel.

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