Tel Aviv, Enel X introduces itself to the startups

Published on Tuesday, 26 March 2019

I’m Enel X. I solve problems. The company may not be The Wolf in Pulp Fiction but, like him, it has clear ideas. And in the search for the most interesting startups for its business, it has chosen the capital of the true “Startup Nation” – Tel Aviv – as the setting for the Enel X Tel Aviv Networking Event. It took place on 25 March and was organised in collaboration with Enel Innovation Hubs, the Group’s global network of hubs and labs dedicated to innovation which was launched in 2016 in the Israeli capital and which has recently added another Israeli centre, Infralab in Haifa. 

Enel X’s CEO, Francesco Venturini, took part in the Tel Aviv event, along with all the company’s top management and heads of the business areas: Eliano Russo (e-Industries), Riccardo Amoroso (e-City), Andrea Scognamiglio (e-Home), Alberto Piglia (e-Mobility), Marco Gazzino (Innovation and Product Lab), and Giulio Carone (Administration, Finance and Control).  

The event was not only an opportunity to introduce Enel X to the lively ecosystem of Israeli innovation but also a way of finding out about the products and solutions being developed by the startups with the aim of setting up partnerships and working relationships with the most promising. A kind of reverse pitch made possible by the success of the Tel Aviv hub, which has created the opportunity for our Group to meet over 500 startups and develop 10 proofs of concept along various business lines in three years.

As Venturini explained, “At Enel we are open to innovator networks, with a view to identifying the most efficient technological solutions on the market. In this way we can intercept the most disruptive of innovations and keep step with a business that is rapidly evolving. We are opening the path towards a new power economy which will provide clients with the power to transform energy into a value for everyone.”

In Tel Aviv, Enel X presented its company mission, which is to provide innovative technological solutions to help businesses, cities and people across the world in the creation of new value. It plans to change the paradigms of the energy industry and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility, efficient and responsible consumption and energy production based on renewable sources. The ideas developed by the startups encountered in Tel Aviv will help Enel X implement its own solutions and come up with new ones.

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