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Published on Wednesday, 20 February 2019

A round-the-world journey to find, get know and work with the key players in innovation. In an article published in the online magazine StartupItalia, Fabio Tentori, Enel’s Head of Innovation Hubs and Startup Initiatives, tells the story of the “adventure” we’ve embarked upon with the network of Innovation Hubs the Group is setting up right across the globe from Tel Aviv to San Francisco, Moscow to Rio de Janeiro, describing them as “genuine outposts in areas with the highest concentrations of the most brilliant minds of our generation.”

Opening up to the outside world is the central idea behind Open Innovation because innovation can come from anywhere or, indeed, anyone. “This is a concept that is alive in all our spaces everyday,” where there is a sense of “a relationship of trust and sharing,” explains Tentori, according to whom “there is no need to fear competition.” Indeed Enel makes the experience it has built up with the startups in recent years available to other companies. “Companies that are coming to us to benefit from our knowledge of the area and of the scouting we’ve done, can also take part in our boot camps.” This is what happened, for instance, in Tel Aviv and San Francisco with A2A (an Italian energy company) and Ferrovie dello Stato (an Italian railway company). We grow, the startups grow and our partners grow too. 

Read Tentori’s article here.

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