Learning from startups with the Open Innovation Program

Published on Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Being open to new ideas, a change of mentality and approach to work, and inspired to think in an innovative way, imagining products and services to maximise the advantages offered by new technology and offer them to our clients in the form of simple solutions. 

These were the objectives for the 40 young employees of the Enel Mercato Italia division who took part in the Open Innovation Program training course. It was organised by Enel in collaboration with the LVenture Group, one of the most important startup accelerators in Italy. 

The 40 young Enel Mercato Italia employees who started the course on 21 December, were divided into eight groups, each working with young startuppers, and were given the opportunity to learn and test acceleration methods used by businesses starting out.  The Enel participants were called upon to tackle a “Challenge” (set by the managers of the Mercato Italia division) which required them to research and present a solution or innovative service linked to the use of a new technology.   The focus of the challenge was the use of the 2G Counter and Artificial Intelligence technology as a starting point for the launch of new products and services for Enel clients in Italy. 

The course, which saw our 40 young colleagues guided by a team of experts from the LUISS Enlabs at the LVenture Group, concluded on 13 February when they made their pitches:  each of the eight teams gave a five-minute presentation in which they showcased their industrial projects or innovative business ideas.

The Open Innovation Program, as Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Office of Enel, explained in his address during the final workshop, had three main aims:  to offer our staff a course that would allow them to have fun while working, to supply them with a set of skills to encourage them to think differently and to work on innovative ideas and projects using the recommendations and feedback provided by experts from the LVenture Group. 

Also in the audience for the eight pitches with Ernesto Ciorra, were Carlo Tamburi, Head of Country Italy for Enel, Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Enel’s Mercato Italia, Marco Barra Caracciolo, Head of ICT Italia for Enel, Marco Frattini, Head of Marketing & Supply for Mercato Italia and Fabio Ficca, Head of HR Business Partner Mercato Italia. 

The final workshop in the Open Innovation Program closed with the announcement of the three teams that had best embodied the aims of the training course with pitches outlining the most interesting services and ideas inspired by the challenge.

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