Scaleup Summit Budapest: where startups meet corporations

Published on Monday, 15 October 2018

As the world evolves and continues to advance, technology is becoming increasingly important for companies that require alternative solutions for both traditional problems and new challenges. In order to meet the demands of the competitive landscape, it is crucial to understand emerging technologies and how to effectively implement these solutions in both business and society. In response to the changes that are taking place, entrepreneurial communities have emerged around the world and they are developing innovative solutions at an unprecedented rate.

Events like the Scaleup Summit help connect startups with companies looking to implement new solutions. They provide a platform where corporations and investors can meet the startups and entrepreneurs behind the latest technologies and solutions.  The Scaleup Summit is a series of events geared towards corporations, investors and the best European startups. It is organised by the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) and led by innovation consultancy Mind The Bridge, one of Enel’s long-term partners.

The latest edition of the Scaleup Summit took place in Budapest on October 4th and 5th and it focused on technology verticals in the areas of Energy 4.0, Digital Construction, Smart Cities and Industry 4.0. The event featured keynote speakers, interactive workshops, as well as one-on-one meetings with startups. As sponsors of the Summit, we paid particular attention to Energy and Industry 4.0 verticals, and we engaged with startups proposing creative energy sector solutions such as predictive maintenance applications, gesture recognition, image processing, Artificial Intelligence for virtual assistants and 3D printing, among others.

A network of communities that continues to grow

Events like the Scaleup Summit are important for Enel Startup when it comes to scouting new talent and solutions. Representing Enel at the event were Eran Levy, Manager of the Enel Innovation Hub in Tel Aviv and  Diego Dal Canto, Enel’s Head of Partnerships and Innovation Strategy. For Levy, the Scaleup Summit is vital for “establishing and strengthening Enel’s position both as a significant player in the global innovation ecosystem, and as an innovation leader in the utilities and energy sector.” He adds that these events “help us to scout and identify new opportunities” and ultimately drive startups to apply to the different programmes and open challenges offered by the Enel Startup  initiative.

Dal Canto says that Enel’s role in the growth of Enel Innovation Communities mainly consists of  “sharing expertise and establishing new contacts across the Enel Group. It improves our network, enables us to be open to new ideas, and helps us discover state of the art innovative  technologies.” Dal Canto explains that, after meeting one on one with prospective startups, the next step is “involving the identified startups in actual use cases, while bearing in mind their potential for the Enel Innovation Community’s business lines.”

The Israeli high-tech startup ecosystem

As the Israeli high-tech startup ecosystem is one of the most advanced and active in the world, the Enel Innovation Hub in Tel Aviv is the ideal co-host for an event like the Scaleup Summit Budapest. “Tel Aviv was our first global innovation hub and now it’s our most active hub,” says Levy. Since the Hub opened in 2016, more than 450 startups have been scouted, while around 25 startups have been evaluated. So far there have been six pilot projects, while one product has been put on the market.

As tech ecosystems keep growing, technologies continue to develop, ideas emerge… will you be the next startup that can help our Enel Startup initiative in the pursuit of the energy of the future?

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