Enel: from Brazil to the US, a bridge to Silicon Valley

Published on Saturday, 30 September 2017

Being Open Power for Enel means to break down the walls of the mind and create connections, to “connect the dots,” as Steve Jobs would say, to imagine and build new efficient and sustainable ways of generating and distributing energy.

Once again, based on this approach, the Enel Innovation Hub at Berkeley, San Francisco, was a meeting point between the two Americas. In September, our innovation hub hosted brought together Brazil and Silicon Valley’s technological vanguard at the Citris Foundry, a university innovation laboratory and co-working space.

A Brazilian delegation of 25 people, including representatives of utilities, solar energy technology developers and experts in energy sector regulations, was welcomed at our Innovation hub in San Francisco. During the visit, which was also attended by the U.S. Commercial Service, the operating arm of the US Department of Commerce, the Brazilians guests had the opportunity to understand how we are working to create innovation and to meet three of the startups we are working with: Nozomi Networks, Archon Technologies and Bidgely.

The visit was an important occasion to bring together Brazilian organisations and institutions with the innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley, in particular as regards technologies in the energy sector.

Startups like Nozomi Networks and Archon showed the delegation the technologies they have developed, respectively, in the cybersecurity sector for industrial infrastructure and in the development of software and hardware for monitoring with drones. Badgley, in turn, explained the possible applications of energy disaggregation, a new science, which, using big data and machine learning technologies, allows us to analyse how customers use electricity, supporting utilities in diversifying their offering to increase the quality of services for their customers and to attract new ones.

In addition to seeing and touching Enel’s Open Innovation model, during the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to discover the methodologies we use at our hubs and, more in general, in Silicon Valley to accelerate startups. A useful experience to transfer this approach to the business fabric present in Brazil and to prepare the ground for the arrival at the Enel Innovation Hub at Berkeley of the best projects submitted during the Energy Start call launched by Enel Brasil. It is an innovation project, which, through a competition launched from 1 August to 30 September, aims to select the most innovative companies in Brazil, operating in the energy sector, rewarding them with an acceleration programme and a full immersion at our Innovation Hub at Berkeley.

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