Energy Start Brazil, in search of new energies

Published on Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Ready, set, go – in search of new energies. Opening on 1 August, Energy Start Brazil with the aim of selecting startups and small and medium sized firms that have developed services or products in a series of technological areas that are considered strategic for Enel. Not only in renewable energy and storage, electric mobility and energy efficiency, but also in robotics to support operations and maintenance, the domestic and industrial Internet of Things, the provision of services and products financed through advanced digital technologies, and also in the field of inclusive social development in the communities in which we work in Latin America.

In line with the philosophy of Open Power, according to which innovation can be made by anyone wherever they may be, Enel is in search of the most creative business people and entrepreneurs not only from the energy sector, to contribute to the growth of their companies and to create services with an added value for an energy market in rapid evolution. From this premise there is an interest in the IoT and robotics, new payment systems and blockchain.

It is no coincidence that Enel in Brazil has just been awarded the prestigious National Innovation Award (Prêmio Nacional de Inovação) underlining the group’s capacity to place innovation at the heart of its strategy.

The companies selected at the end of the competition will receive economic support from the Group worth up to 500 thousand euros for the development of their solutions, in addition to access to the structure and clients of Enel in over 30 countries, a fast trackto improve business skills through collaboration with Google Launchpad and ACE, and a dedicated Boot Camp at the heart of global technological innovation in Berkeley, Silicon Valley, where in March Enel opened its hub, the latest in a series that includes others in Israel and Brazil.

In order to respond to the call, just go to the website and click on “Sign up project”. The first review of the candidates will be organized by Enel in partnership with ACE. The selected companies will be invited to a dynamic seven minute presentation in Niteroi, in Rio de Janeiro state, followed by an in-depth one to one meeting that will last about one and half hours. In December the names of the companies selected will be published.

At the end of the programme, Enel will be able to invest in the selected companies or become a client or partner to distribute the products or services. Furthermore, we will help the startups to attract other potential investors.

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