IoT and energy, searching for best startups with H-farm

Published on Friday, 3 March 2017

According to the most authoritative Information Technology analysis agency, the Internet of Things is set to enter our daily life, modifying and changing lifestyles and production processes. The latest statistics from Gartner show that already at the end of 2016 at the global level there were some 6.5 billion connected objects, 30% more compared to 2015. Forecasts predict that by 2020 there will be 20.8 billion smart things.

This explosive growth is based on the flexible application of IoT in the most various fields, from entertainment to Health & Care, from safety to the automotive industry.

Through partnerships with IT companies and innovative startups, Enel has long been committed to using and searching for IoT solutions applied to the energy industry. Like smart home automation, augmented reality for plant maintenance activities, sensors for distribution networks, 3D simulators for personnel training. With the aim of doing scouting among the best cutting-edge companies in this field, we partnered with the IoT Accelerator promoted by H-Farm, a business accelerator for young digital and highly technological organisations, established in 2005 between Treviso and Venice.

The programme, with Deutsche Bank as main sponsor, aims to support and simplify market access for startups that specialise in IoT technologies, creating a win-win ecosystem where product or service developers are placed in contact with big corporations in order to obtain mentorships and better market visibility.

In December of last year, H-Farm selected, among 150 applications from over 30 countries, five startups that have already tested their project on the market and now have the opportunity to consolidate its growth, working with industrial partners of the initiative.

Enel met four of the five selected startups at the Demo Day held on March 3 in Roncade (Treviso) in the park of the Tenuta Ca ‘Tron, where H-Farm has its headquarters. Our goal is to get to know the developed products in detail and further explore possibilities for application and replicability for the specific needs of our business.

In this context, the four startups present the solutions they have developed, applied to specific cases by the managers of a few of our business units and functions (besides Innovation, Global ICT and Market Italy).

The four startups at the centre of the event were Sensefinity, which presented Sensorice, a sensor that monitors chilled distribution systems, to avoid food and medicine waste; Agroop with a multi-device app that farmers can use for the intuitive calculation of actual production costs, Zenodys, which developed a platform that allows companies to easily and independently manage different IoT solutions. And finally LEAPIN Digital Keys, which created a digital kit for smart locks, which provides a software enabling all those who are authorised to open a lock from their smartphone. 

On the evening of March 2, before the Demo Day on March 3, a networking event was held with H-Farm’s various industrial and startup partners.

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