Innovation Hub

Published on Tuesday, 7 March 2017

We are set on radically innovating the world of energy and we want to do so together with the best startups at an international level, offering our know-how, our network and our support to transforming projects into business.

We have set up our Innovation Hubs in those areas of the world with the highest concentration of innovation to keep track of technological trends and to come into contact with the best startups to enable technological and business partnerships.

The startups that will join Hub programme will be able to rely on the coaching of Enel managers, receive support for the development of their technologies, test solutions in Group plants and facilities and access an international network of partners, venture capital and over 61 million customers around the world.

In an Open Innovation perspective, our various Innovation Hubs are available to all startups that collaborate with Enel and other partners, therefore launching targeted innovation projects. The ultimate goal is to create a genuine network of expertise, ideas and business opportunities.

Open Innovability®

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