The Elemize algorithm wins the "call for disruption energy"

Published on Friday, 13 January 2017

And the winner is… Elemize. This young Italian company specialised in the optimisation of systems for the storage and distribution of self-generated energy has won the Call for Disruption Energy by Enel, Intermonte, Consilia and Ascomfidi to promote innovative projects in the energy and green economy sectors.

The name of the winner was announced on January 11, at the award ceremony held at the Rome headquarters of Luiss Enlabs, the accelerator of Italy’s best start-ups.

Of the five finalists (Elemize, Risvolta, Power Street Generation, Crossing and Fiorentite), the jury chose a company engaged in a cutting-edge sector like that of “prosumers” (energy consumers and producers) for which it has designed a platform that is able to cut electricity bills by reducing system imbalances. The Elemize project makes it possible to optimise the storage of electrical energy distributed with renewable energy facilities in prosumer buildings combining an algorithm, a specific software and Big Data.

The winning start-up will be guided along a pathway for growth through a programme developed by the call’s partners. Enel will provide tailored business mentoring, Intermonte will provide support in investor relations and content providing, Websim will focus on financial analysis, while Consilia will offer legal and management advice. These are all skills that are essential today to allow the selected young companies to access the market as new cutting-edge players. Elemize can also benefit from Intermonte Sim and Ascomfidi placement fees at very favourable terms compared to standard market conditions, as well as an equity crowdfunding platform to raise the capital necessary for their growth.

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