Innovation Hub Tel Aviv

Published on Monday, 11 July 2016

In Enel, we strongly believe in collaborations with the best startups, with the objective to travel together along the road of innovation.

For this reason, we’ve chosen to take on yet another challenge and launch our first startup accelerator. It will be in Israel, in Tel Aviv: we’ve chosen this as the first place to set ourselves up to be able to have a physical presence in one of the countries with the highest rate of innovation in the world.

Our project is in partnership with one of the principal local accelerators, the Junction, and has the aim to select each year up to 20 startups that will work with us on a joint development project.

We’ll select startups on the basis of technological priorities of the Group, so we can offer them the best possible technological and commercial support: the selected companies will enter in the acceleration program that will last six months, during which time the joint development projects will be underway with the Enel business units. They will have the possibility develop your own product with the support of managers and Enel engineers, test solutions in laboratories and in production facilities and access to the Group’s network. At the same time, we’ll provide them with coaching and mentoring sessionst to improve their business and marketing skills.

Another reason why we chose Israel is that the Ministry of Economy, through the office of the Chief Scientist, has different publically financed projects active. Therefore, a further advantage for the startups is represented by the active partnership between Enel and the Ministry, that will allow the evaluation of joint financing projects.

Enel will therefore have a physical presence in Tel Aviv: it will be a space dedicated to the startups, where they will establish their offices, but also development and evolution projects of the Group: our managers will visit often in order to stay more and more in contact with the innovative Israeli ecosystem.

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