European Maker Week begins, a week of events for innovators

Published on Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Letting European citizens know all about the world of the makers and the FabLabs: this is the objective of European Maker Week, the initiative promoted by the European Commission and organized by Maker Faire Roma in collaboration with Startup Europe. From 30 May to 5 June 2016, more than 500 events – a majority of which are organized in Italy – will liven up major European cities, spreading the innovation culture. On the agenda are workshops, conferences, laboratories and meetings dedicated to adults, children, students and workers, who will have the chance to find out about changes that the world of the makers are experimenting on thanks to the ever important role of the Internet, a tool through which anyone can create and spread their own innovative and technological solutions.

Europe is the continent with the largest number of of FabLabs and MakerSapces, places in which people can meet, experiment with the use of technological machinery like 3D printers, and share their own knowledge and opinions; but in Europe, revolutionary projects like Arduino have also been born, which contributed to the spread of Do-It-Yourself projects able to innovate through the combination of simple technology and creativity. For this, the European Maker Week wants to emphasize the makers, an important resource that, according to the organizers, makes an important contribution each year to our society and our economy. The event wants to create a global network that puts all makers in contact to ensure that the talents of each one of them isn’t lost and even more collaborations can come out of these networking moments.

In Italy, several different events can be found within the European Maker Week: among these is the We Are Open Festival, scheduled for the 4th and 5th of June at Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio (Pisa). At the center of the event, naturally, technological innovation, creativity and inventions that will service everyone. But also the dialogue among businesses, schools and institutions, that will be able to touch upon first hand all of the new things that will allow innovation, from 3D printers to laser cutters, and even technology that revolves around the Internet of Things. Thanks to numerous workshops and seminars, the public will be able to get involved, experimenting with their own creativity.

Organized by Fab Lab Toscana, the event recognizes Enel as its main partner. Enel itself will contribute to the production of the workshop on themes regarding the Internet of Things, of the large-scale wireless technologies and of citizen empowerment through widespread monitoring of consumption and environmental data. There will also be a focus on LoRa Technology – momentarily expanding – and on its applications for the creation of a network of intelligent objects and sensors.

«Innovating and discovering new trends is the basis for our future» says Luciano Tommasi, Head of Start Up Initiatives and Business Incubator. «The key issue is to create a system and gather all the actors that revolve around open innovation at the same table to try and test new ideas and products, putting together big businesses, technology centers, incubators, investors and startups. Only in this way can we promote the Win To Win logic that brings success».

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