FIWARE program: a unique opportunity for tech startups

Published on Monday, 23 May 2016

There are many objectives set forth by the European Union concerning the theme of technological innovation, all to be reached by 2020; from the development of new technology that uses resources like the cloud, big data and open data, to the diffusion of the Internet of Things in a growing number of sectors, especially those able to bring our cities to a future that is increasingly more smart.

An example that brings forth these objectives is the FIWARE platform (an acronym for Future Internet Ware), a program supported by the European Commission with a total funding of 400 million euros and with the aim to stimulate the development of new intelligent applications in various vertical sectors: from smart cities to “technological” health (so-called e-health) from transportation to energy and from agribusiness to the media. How will they do this? The platform will make a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) available, which will be strictly public and royalty free, with which you can more easily develop smart applications suitable for all sectors of reference. The idea is to encourage young start ups and SMBs to develop apps, staying competitive in the market. The components offered by FIWARE embrace various sectors (such as the cloud, technology that refers to the Internet of Things and advanced interfaces like 3D and augmented reality, but not just this), therefore supplying a series of tools necessary to create new apps that are even more advanced and are able to make the difference in the development of smart cities.

Support for the startups is a continuing goal within the program, and was demonstrated at the FIWARE Rome Networking, an event held in Rome on April 19th and organized by Enel Innovation in cooperation with partners of the INCENSe project. The event allowed startups and entrepreneurs to meet with each other and exchange ideas, discovering – thanks to the mentoring moments – all the advantages of the FIWARE program. Particularly highlighted at the event was the relationship between communication, innovative projects and entrepreneurship: Isabella Panizza, Head of Global Digital Communications at Enel, highlighted the importance of this close relationship.«A company, through communication, must make others fall in love with their idea, in order to be able to create a team that conveys the passion of an outside project» – she said – «it’s the step that comes before the phase in which the product sells and attracts clients». 

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