The green future of China

Published on Tuesday, 5 April 2016

In the last few months, China has played a prominent role in large developments and transformations on the policies of climate change and energy production from clean sources. From an agreement with the United States on climate, in which Beijing pledged to respect a national program that puts a limit and price on greenhouse gas emissions, in the beginning – for 2017 – of a “cap and trade” mechanism, until the announcement of a greener economic plan for the next five years, it seems that a real change is taking place in this Asian powerhouse. 

The foundations for a new model of economic development are there, and besides limiting energy consumption – which benefits the whole planet – this could provide real opportunities for cleantech entrepreneurs. There to seize this opportunity is Seeder, a company founded with the objective to face the problem of energy efficiency in buildings.

Seeder is an online marketplace that puts builders, designers, developers, managers and building owners – mostly commercial –  in contact with one another, in order to help them carry out concrete solutions to reduce energy consumptions. Starting from changing the buildings allows you to take action on the consumption of 47% of the energy produced in the world. Of this percentage, more than half is consumed by commercial buildings, and it’s for this reason that making them more efficient allows us to significantly reduce global pollution. Seeder is a small company with an office in Shanghai and is made up of a team of entrepreneurs, experts in green construction and promoters of change.

Alex Shoer, CEO of the company, created this platform to ensure that action is taken on already existing buildings or to rebuild them following a “philosophy” that greener is easier. In fact, through Seeder, all it takes is a simple search to find builders or designers able to respond to these needs, many with useful portfolios and information. The site also supplies interesting data about the convenience of low energy buildings and case studies to gather inspiration for a greener future. 

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