FIWARE networking event

Published on Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Get the opportunity to network with leading actors of the international startup community, discover what FIWARE  can offer to you and get some quick mentoring on your startup projects! 

On April 19th, FIWARE will be in Rome for a networking event aimed at presenting its vision and the opportunity offered by the open source platform. Also, the event will also be a way to meet and interact with key players in the start up community.

Hosts of the event will be Enel and Endesa, together with Accelerace (the leading startup accelerator of north Europe), FundingBox (the platform that get you in touch with the best financing opportunities), IMPACT Accelerator and Roma Startup. They’ll meet startups and entrepreneurs to discuss about their projects and possible future collaborations, learning more about FIWARE at the same time.


Renewable energy, smart cities and sustainable transportation are just a few of the vertical sectors that will reap the major benefits of FIWARE, a platform driven by the European Commission that provides a basic yet dominant set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Through this type of technology, FIWARE is able to aid in the development of Smart Applications in these differing sectors.

In addition to being an integral technological platform, FIWARE’s API specification is public and royalty-free so that FIWARE providers can come up faster in the market with a low-cost option. Through FIWARE Lab, entrepreneurs and individuals can test the technology and their application.

As an open cloud-based system, FIWARE offers a variety of components that make things such as 3D interfaces, connecting to the Internet of Things and developing context-aware applications much easier. Add to this list is real time processing of context events and performing big data analysis.

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