Treedom: giving a tree for the good of the planet

Published on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Did you know there is a project dedicated to planting new trees that unites online users and engages them on an environmental and social mission? It’s called Treedom, a platform created by a team of young Italians, and has contributed to the planting of over 250,000 trees. 

Their website makes it possible to plant a tree, or even give one as a gift, then follow its growth and development through geotagging and photo updates, which are sharable on various social media platforms. These trees provide considerable value because they contribute to both the social and economic development of rural communities in Africa, Latin America, and Italy, where farmers are employed to plant these trees in exchange for a small economic contribution. This allows the community to learn more about how to protect and respect their own natural resources to ensure they get the most out of them. In fact, the farmers are the ones benefiting from the products that come from the trees the most and are also, thanks to Treedom, receiving training, work, and an income. 

In addition, the planting of new trees has a strong impact on the environment, bringing massive benefits to both the area  – such as stabilizing the hydrogeological structure, increasing soil fertility, combating desertification and deforestation – and to the entire planet – Treedom has helped to neutralize 96,720 tons of CO2. Each operation aims to preserve the natural habitat and, based on this, the type of fruit tree is chosen to plant – for example, oranges in Sicily or avocados in Kenya – from either forest species or those at risk of extinction.

In addition to following the life of your tree on, you can also discover the impact of the tree on the environment, calculating how much CO2 it was responsible for emitting through its own transportation, food and other habits. Treedom also allows its users to customize their trees by adding a personalized message.

To show their commitment to this project, Enel contributed to the planting of 60,000 trees in five countries: Argentina, Cameroon, Haiti, Kenya and Senegal. Enel’s profile, which can be found on, makes it possible for users to get to know all of the trees that make up the “Enel Forest” and discover how much CO2 has been neutralized as a result of their planting.

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