Evreka: the invention that optimizes trash management

Published on Thursday, 3 March 2016

Garbage bins that are too full and garbage trucks that are bound to the same itinerary of preset days and times without adequate optimization: trash management is a field in which it seems not enough has yet been invested in terms of technological innovation. The result is a perpetual waste of time and money, something that is easily avoidable. Everyday, in fact, we see garbage trucks that travel the streets of the city regardless of the need to intervene for their own good: checks of the trash bins are manual, so in the event that they are empty, having the operators stop is completely useless. Optimizing this process would mean saving not only time and money, but also emissions: of the truck, naturally.

A solution able to solve the problem and finally innovate this sector was founded by Evreka, the company based in Turkey and recently selected to be part of the acceleration program, INCENSe, coordinated by Enel and dedicated to the development of projects concerned with green technology. At the base of Evreka’s invention is a wise use of M2M technology, that allows the communication or the exchange of data between two machines without human intervention. Thanks, in fact to their wireless sensors, Evreka Smart Waste Collection System – this is the name of the project – they’re able to measure how full the trash bins are and send the data to those who manage the collection. On the one hand, this exchange allows the gathered data to be analyzed and then used to make forecasts on the time it will take each bin to fill up, therefore organizing the itineraries of the trucks in a functional way; on the other, the navigation devices on board the vehicles will be able to receive the same information in real time for extraordinary interventions or to reorganize their own route. A virtuous process that can save time and energy, diminishing CO2 emissions and cutting down the costs of trash collection by up to 55%.

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