There's a solution to avoiding the line: Qurami the "prized" app even according to Apple

Published on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

They’ve found a technological solution to a seemingly simple problem: long lines in public and non-public offices. They are the guys from Quramia startup born in 2012 that is now enjoying much-deserved success. Their app, available for Apple, Windows Phone and Android devices, allows you to take your own turn directly from your smartphone, keeping your place in line from a distance as it moves forward and receiving a notification when it gets closer to your turn. It’s an advantage that allows you to better use your time during the wait. The idea came from the CEO of Qurami, engineer Roberto Macina, while he was waiting in line for the secretary at the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre: now that exact secretary – together with others – use his system. The project by Macina and his associates has become relatively concrete, boasting more than 150,000 downloads, the title as one of the forty most promising Italian startups according to TechCrunch, and collaborations with public companies and offices. But the most unforeseen recognition arrived last January, when the startup was selected to participate in a meeting with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, in Palazzo Chigi together with Prime Minister Renzi. The Cupertino-based company arrived in Italy to introduce its new app development center launched in Naples – 600 jobs, an undoubtedly ambitious project – and wanted to meet five representatives of successful Italian startups. Qurami was one of the lucky ones: they first had the chance to meet the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Apple Luca Maestri in his own office, the business incubator Luiss Enlabs, and then they had the opportunity to actually to show their app to Tim Cook. An important event that has given even more attention to the startup.

Qurami is a story of success that found financial support and business angels early on: they received their first loan – one hundred thousand euros – on behalf of Lventure Group. Incubated by Luiss EnLabs, they managed to secure a relationship with Italian and international companies. Also taking a chance on Qurami was Enel, adopting the “eliminate the line” system in several of their Enel Points in order to deliver an improved service to their clients. The innovation was initially experimented with in Genova, Florence, Palermo and Padova, with the idea to extend it in other locations. Through the application, it’s possible to discover the closest Enel Points, book your number, select the service you need and make better use of the wait time.    

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