The future made in Italy at CES 2016

Published on Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thousands of devices were presented during the four-day event, covering a variety of diverse areas: from smart technology for the kitchen to energy saving technology, from wearable music products to the latest generation of TVs to 3D printers.

Presenting their own ideas during the four days were also five hundred startups, two hundred of which come from France with business incubator La French Tech, that has invested 200 million euros in young, digital projects. Twelve startups from Italy took the opportunity to debut in what is possibly one of the most important scenes of the high-tech world.

Among these is Laboratori Fabrici, that presented in Las Vegas an indoor air purifier that’s in a class all its own: it concerns Clairy, a special flowerpot that combines the technology of a real plant, drawing in air and filtering it through its topsoil and then releasing the air purified. The device combines a sophisticated design with interesting technological features: in addition to improving the quality of the air, the high-tech plant sends gathered data to a smartphone or tablet through a simple WiFi connection. The team at Laboratori Fabrici is made up of two young industrial designers from Politecnico of Milan, Alessio D’Andrea and Vincenzo Vitello, as well as Paolo Ganis, a graduate from Bocconi. With an all together different idea is Carlo Brianza – a telecommunications engineer with a past history in important companies in the sector – and associate Andrea Gaggi: together they presented Click’n’Pizza at CES 1, a magnetic device to stick on the fridge to order pizza with a simple touch, something which has already caught the attention of big names like Pizza Hut. The startup they created, La Comandahas also designed Trillio, an instrument to remind the elderly of their medicine they need to take throughout the day.

In terms of wearable, there was a proposal presented by an Italian startup from Tuscany. It’s called FootMoov: a shoe with internal sensors that transform it into a smart device able to track its own physical activity and work as a gaming peripheral device, combined with apps developed by Luigi Campigli, the creator of the product.

Though there were few Italian ideas among the Las Vegas stands, those in attendance made a huge statement. The hope for Italian startups is that in the future, more can participate in events of this size, to put their skills and competences in the high-tech field in the spotlight on an international level.

New products in the electronic field were at the center of attention last month thanks to CES, the Consumer Electronics Show of Las Vegas, one of the biggest and most inspiring events in the sector, at which over 3,600 companies exhibited their own products in a space that covered almost 250,000 m2.

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