Technology at the service of renewable energy

Published on Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The development and spread of renewable energy – more and more necessary for a truly carbon-free and sustainable future – also involves new tools that allow for easy integration into the electrical grid. Forecast systems, able to exploit weather previsions in order to assess the amount of energy stored in solar and wind power plants, are already a reality and a useful tool for the future of renewable energy. In this field there are already two young startups paving the way, both Spanish, and now part of INCENSe, an acceleration program coordinated by Enel.

Nnergix makes the correct prediction of energy production its objective. Their work is aimed at energy traders and electrical grid workers, but also those who are autonomous from an energy point of view, thanks to renewable energy. In order to integrate clean energy into the electrical grid in an effective way, they offer personalized solutions that exploit the data of weather satellites, big data and artificial intelligence. They also offer specific monitoring meant to follow the integration of the energy into the electrical grid. The cloud-based software designed by Nnergix, allows you to quickly see short term solar and wind power supply availability, making itself a useful tool for power supply management. The Nnergix team is made up of 7 experts with years of study and work experience in the energy field, in both the electric and meteorology market.

In a similar environment, other startups chosen by INCENSe, like Itestit, are also making strides as well. Itestit Smartive develops smart platforms that are able to improve the efficiency of the energy market, with a focus on wind energy. Their work is focused on the development of low cost diagnosis systems based on cloud computing, the use of intelligent devices like smartphones and tablets and on the elaboration of the data in real time. It allows access to the IT platforms for supervision and monitoring – but also diagnosis – of wind turbines. The idea is to make the platforms intuitive and easy to use, not only to improve the functioning of the turbine, but also to be able to easily plan maintenance operations and obtain information in real time on the machines and their components. The team at Itestit is made up of ten professionals that merge their technical skills and attention to design in a uniquely dynamic way, which is fundamental in their platforms. Both startups will develop their ideas with INCENSe, contributing in a valuable way to the spread and development of the use of valuable renewable energy sources.

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