Smart homes: technology that serves the environment

Published on Thursday, 11 February 2016

The technological future for homes is getting closer.

The smart home, the intelligent house in which installations and devices can be controlled from a remote or can regulate themselves automatically, makes up a continually growing sector, that in the next few years will see a significant development. It’s something that was seen recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a fair dedicated to innovations in the technology sector and at which artificial intelligence and home automation found themselves among these innovations. Smart refrigerators that do the shopping, home appliances that can be activated with a touch via a smartphone or tablet, heating installations controlled from a distance: the makings for a home of the future are already upon us.

But smart homes aren’t simply a commodity for technology lovers: comfort and energy savings are only two advantages in their favor. In fact, having every device under control, even at a distance, undoubtedly improves livability; to be able to take advantage of energy only where and when it’s needed, as home automation by now allows, means optimized consumption and reduced costs.

In a broader view that sees the nations facing concrete objectives of emission reductions, being able to have positive results in terms of energy savings right from the homes of individual consumers, seems like an excellent starting point. It really believes in the fundamental role of the consumer and his/her conscious use of Enel energy, that for several years, has already launched different projects to allow its clients to monitor their consumptions, favoring the spread of a culture of energy efficiency that is able to change the habits of its citizens.

Among these, Energy@home stands out, an association born out of a collaboration between Enel, Electrolux, Indesit Company and Telecom Italia and that now involves different associated partners. Its objective is to develop and promote technologies and services for energy efficiency in the home, based precisely on home automation and the connection of the devices, becoming a point of reference on an international level for the development of smart grids.

A project, therefore, acting for the good of the planet, aiming to make every home efficient and every citizen truly aware of his/her own consumptions.

Energy@home has praised itself for its achievements, like the development of different systems already in the test phase both in Italy and in Holland, and the release of JEMMA (Java-based Energy Management Application framework), an open-source project that facilitates the development of energy management applications for home environments.

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