Innovative software for the future of renewable energy

Published on Monday, 29 February 2016

Optimizing the production and consumption of energy produced by renewable sources is an absolute must in light of its development and a diffusion that is becoming more and more widespread. It’s something that has also been well understood by the teams at Ionseed and Isotrol, winners of INCENSe, the accelerator program coordinated by the Enel group and dedicated to green technology companies.

Ionseed created an IOT (Internet of Things) Infrastructure that allows not only the management, but also the storage of distributed energy. When renewable energy is produced, often in those moments in which the final user may not need it, the Portuguese company has also found a solution to this problem, giving suppliers the possibility to decide how much energy to produce, which type, in which moment and where.

But the work of Ionseed doesn’t just address energy suppliers. Installation and device producers can also benefit from the innovation brought ahead by the Portuguese company. Through the IOT technology – that allows you to connect home appliances and installations to check and manage them better, even from far away – Ionseed aims to transform the traditional “passive” devices, like a water tank, into cutting-edge devices that are able to interact with other devices in a way that saves energy and makes intelligent use of technology. In addition, this will allow final consumers to check devices through a simple app for smartphones.

Instead from Spain arrives Isotrol, the company that offers a wide range of solutions able to optimize energy consumption and manage it in an efficient way. For the renewable energy aspect, they have developed the CER system, a software that allows you to monitor the production of clean energy of single power plants, showing the actions of every single device of the plant in real time, in order to efficiently and conveniently manage energy production. With the CER it’s possible to check different power plants at the same time, studying their data, comparing them and obtaining interesting data on the efficiency of each single plant. The system also offers a constant monitoring to prevent accidents and disasters and to intervene when and if necessary.

The future of renewable energy comes undoubtedly from technology: even a simple software can make the difference, avoiding wastes and helping the users make a more controlled use of energy.

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