100 italian stories of the electricity supply chain

Published on Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Stories of Italian excellence that in the electricity sector, has shown competence in research, innovation and attention to green technology: this is the subject of the 100 Italian Energy Stories study published by Symbola, Foundation for Italian Quality, and Enel. The report puts forth one hundred stories clearly and concisely: stories of companies, research institutions and public agencies that speak of a country at the forefront, continually searching for efficiency. A country that, above all, is able to understand the challenge of climatic changes, proposing technological solutions for a greener future.

The one hundred stories that make up the core of this study, on the other hand, are born in a more than virtuous context. In the data gathered in the report, Italy proves to be the first country in the world for photovoltaic contributions to the national electric mix (7,9%), followed only by Greece and Germany (7,6% and 7% respectively) and quite far from Japan (that doesn’t even reach 3%), the United States and China (less than 1%). In addition to this, Italy is the second among the big European players for energy efficiency: consuming 15 tons of oil corresponding to one million euros of GDP, distancing itself from France (16), Spain and Germany (both 18). Great Britain, first with 12 tons, has however, less production than Italy. Data that specifies a precise direction towards sustainable energy provided by our country, and adequately represented by the experiences addressed in the report by Symbola and Enel.

All of the areas of the electricity supply chain are taken into consideration. There are young startups like Ares2T, specialized in ICT, that has developed a solution to increase the efficiency of electric vehicle recharging at the specified points, allowing the driver to plan for a recharge of his/her own car; but there’s also historical companies, like BTicino, that has focused on home automation. MyHome is their most innovative product and lets you manage almost the entire house by remote control.  

Also included in the report is architect Renzo Piano, creator of a new type of wind turbine with a rotor that is 16 meters in diameter, Libella, that combines energetic efficiency (it’s able to supply 55kW of power) and design: there are in fact only two, semitransparent blades, to blend into the landscape more naturally in respect to the impact that it receives from the common wind towers, which are more massive and intrusive. The study also makes note of those associations that deal with the promotion of a green culture, like Kyoto Club, that was born from an idea by Legambiente and that «reunites businesses, corporations and associations that devote themselves to the conflict of climatic changes, and to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to reach the objectives of the Kyoto protocol».

For Francesco Starace, Managing Director and General Manager of Enel, and Ermete Realacci, President of Symbola, the stories put forth in the report represent «Beauty, intelligence, efficiency, competitiveness». They continue: «The common thread of 100 Italian Energy Stories is that which delineates, even in the electricity supply chain, an Italian model that can teach». Stories that speak of a virtuous identity that you can and must spread.  

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