INCENSe second open call concluded: discover the 28 startups chosen

Published on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

INCENSe is the European startup accelerator coordinated by Enel, with a mission to fund and support startups dedicated to clean technology and energy. After a successful open call in April 2015, awarding 14 startups, a second round was launched in June 2015, welcoming 257 applications from startups throughout Europe and Israel.

The program is aimed to encourage innovation and high-tech employment in the European energy and clean technology sector and foster creative solutions.

On January 19th have been announced the 28 winning startups from the second round: they will go on to receive a free grant of 150,000 euros in addition to support services from INCENSe partners and a six-month acceleration program.

Here you can find who they are and what is their project for the INCENSe call.

AugWind’s underground tank is a highly efficient compressed air storage facility. Through its use of innovative elastic components and installation processes they are able to harness geo-mechanical properties and construct large scale compressed air tanks at high pressure for a lower cost.

Isotrol S.L. proposes a management platform for distributed renewable generation. It allows customers to manage, monitor and control a portfolio of renewable generation assets from a centralized system by giving them access to collected and calculated data, all based on their renewable energy monitoring solutions.

iTesTiT S.L. proposes an eolic plants monitoring system, a predictive motor development. The motor will process data in cloud, enabling data integration from different wind farms and allowing comparative analysis between wind farms.

Nnergix Energy Management, S.L. proposes SMARTmonitor, an online forecasting platform that generates diverse weather and energy generation forecasts for the electrical markets industry, adapting the already existing business models to serve different clients’ needs and generate value through saving costs.

Tamuz Energy LTD is a low cost solar solution for the generation of heat for industrial processes, steam generation, and cooling applications. It is a modular system that can deliver temperatures up to 300°C.

Fourdeg offers a temperature management system that reduces the need of heating energy by 10-30%. The system is fully automatic but controllable and the service will move from a complaint-based reactive maintenance to a fact-based proactive maintenance.

Leapcraft ApS proposes PlaceWatt,  a wifi-enabled consumption monitoring and management system that detects how people move and use space in a building. Its microlocation analytics help optimize route course planning and energy usage patterns.

Albufera Energy Storage, S.L. proposes SMART ALAIR, a set of small electrochemical cells of Aluminium-air technology, a prototype, which, in terms of energy, has a major advantage over its competitors regarding specific energy and working voltage.

Archon Technologies SRL offers a prototype named “Archon Sentinel” that uses a 3D map to coordinate the flight of multiple drones, guaranteeing 24/7 operability of the UAVs. It increases the quality of service by providing an optimal angle of view, night vision and automatic reports.

Aeroum Espana S.L. proposes their project helioXcan, a monitoring and analysis system for PV through drones and data analytics software. When the drone flies over the PV or IBPV, the data is acquired and analysed by the software.

Evreka Ltd proposes Evreka Core, a smart waste collection optimization system that is composed of 3 components: the fill rate sensor module for each garbage bin, forecasting and route optimization algorithms and different user interfaces for each user level.

Modio Computing SP offers their product, TransformIntel, an industrial power transformer monitoring solution. It includes such elements as a real-time chemical analysis, recurring chemical analysis of  insulating oil samples, analytics of the data feeds to calculate current health conditions and a mobile app for real time alerts about exceptional conditions.

Atooma SRL proposes their platform, which allows the development of systems able to interact each other. It will benefit developers who can leverage on a horizontal platform, cutting their time in half. It will also manage the overall amount of data generated by multiple IOT sensors and apps and engage the user.

ROI is a “fridge smartification” system proposed by Toi Srl. The system presents a scalable solution for SMEs who need to reduce refrigeration costs while keeping track of temperatures and of parameters for guaranteeing the quality of goods.

Green Momit S.L. proposes Momit Care, an Intelligent system for heating boiler management. It uses Opentherm Protocol, connects boilers to the internet, reduces the cost of servicing them and provides valuable information for maintenance companies, manufacturers and customers.

Midori Srl proposes Ned, a domestic consumption analysis system based on NILM technology. It is made by a smart sensor connected to the total load meter and will provide users messages related to advice on energy usage to prevent waste through an app.

Nikolaos & Marinos Livanos O.E. introduces iReact Solution, a voltage control and reactive power optimization system that consists of automation units, smart sensors and a centralized Management Information System (MIS), which performs an analysis of the reactive power and control of the voltage.

Ecoglobe GmbH introduces their waste water treatment system for hotels, single residential houses, clusters of houses and suburbs. The technology makes use of existing and successful natural treatment processes worldwide  and is designed for safe reuse of the treated water for irrigation and cooling.

Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados S.L. introduces HELIOS, a public lighting management system. With HELIOS, for each individual light, the output can be adjusted according to time schedules that reside in each individual luminary in real time from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Greenlab Engineering S.R.L. proposes GE2C, a low voltage network optimization system, an evolution of DECOS (Distributed Energy COntrol System), a patented system for distributed electrical metering and reactive power regulation.

Noven BVBA introduces Noven Energy Hub, a system which allows an optimization of the domestic consumptions and energy production. It steers all local energy nodes on a real time basis to optimize the power mix at any moment for more efficient energy use.

Leaf Spa proposes Leaf Gateway, an electronic device which allows the control of the domestic energy production and consumption. It interacts with solar installations created with LEAF Microinverter, reading energy consumption by means of smart plugs and WiFi communication.

Aerial Power Ltd introduces SolarBrush, a drone created for the automated cleaning of solar panels.  This autonomous drone provides a cheaper option and avoids touching the surface of the solar panel unlike using a robotic cleaner.

Scuter Srl presents an innovative car sharing service through the displacement of free-floating urban fleets of proprietary vehicles. The cars feature intelligence, connectivity and a set of sensors linked to a cloud platform and a mobile App.

IONSEED Lda provides an energy storage management system that surveys in real time when, where, how much and what energy type is used by the consumer.

Innogie ApS proposes a system based on aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions that generate heat and electricity with the sun as the only energy source.

Big Data for Business Solutions S.L. proposes a PV inefficiencies detection system, maximizing the revenue from energy generation for Photovoltaic facilities through prediction and optimization of operations and management.

Ezzing Building Synergies S.L. proposes Ezzing Solar, a software to plan and calculate the revenue of PV plants. The software allows them to design and calculate the profitability of an installation in a few clicks, connecting them with other important parties.


Here you can watch the INCENSe awarding ceremony, from Enel’s headquarters in Rome.


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