A network of research laboratories where technological solutions are developed and tested in order to respond to innovation challenges in what are priority sectors for Enel

Barcelona Open Innovation Living Lab

  • Network Digital Twin Technologies and HV/MV Grid Technologies


Madrid Digital Lab

  • VR/AR, IoT & Big Data
  • eHome (IoT devices, Homix test platform, Demo & Customer Co-Design)


Malaga Open Innovation Living Lab

  • Network Digital Twin Technologies and DSO Flexibility Services
  • MV/LV Grid Advanced Analytics and Smart DSO Urban Services


The Living Lab of Smartcity Malaga is a true ecosystem of innovation that provides a life-like environment for testing and validating technologies from startups, partners, etc., involving real assets and end users. This means it’s possible to explore energy grid improvements, remote management, flexibility services, efficiency measures, active management of demand and security of information, with a strong focus on the city. This Living Lab is a certified member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).



  • Smart Meter

Haifa Infralab

  • Infrastructure & Network Digital Twin


Infralab deals with energy, infrastructure and construction issues, with a focus on Network Digital Twin technologies. The Lab consists of a production area (equipped with mechanical, 3D printing, CNC machines and electronic equipment), where startups can develop and test physical solutions, and an open space, which is mainly for co-working.

Bari Smart Grid LV Lab

  • Low Voltage Smart Grid and Sensors


Catania Innovation Hub&Lab

  • Renewable Energy
  • eHome (Residential Storage & Demand Management)
  • eCity (SmartPoles & Video Analysis)  
  • eMobility (Solar EV Parking, EV Charger Test with different infrastructure)


Genova PoC/MVP & Customer Co-Design Lab

  • eCity (City Analytics)


L'Aquila PoC/MVP & Customer Co-Design Lab

  • eCity (5G Sensors and Drones for Structures Monitoring)


Milano (Innovation Hub&Lab & Smart Grid MV Lab)

  • IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence


The Milan Innovation Hub&Lab is a physical & virtual space that’s designed to develop solutions mainly focused on 3D Modeling, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & IoT devices. It's equipped with innovative devices like 3D Scanners, Smartglasses & Virtual Reality Systems and it works with Startups & SMEs that are capable of developing solutions to internal challenges.


Pisa Innovation Hub&Lab

  • Power Generation


Prato PoC/MVP & Customer Co-Design Lab

  • eHealth (Test & Customer Co-Design)
  • eMobility PoC (5G devices in vehicles and monitoring)
  • eIndustries (5G Industrial Power quality control and Industrial device control)


Roma Tor di Quinto Lab

  • eMobility (Demo and Customer Co-Design)


Santa Barbara

  • 3D printer


Savona Open Innovation Living Lab

  • Microgrid (urban areas, buildings)
  • eCity (SmartPoles and Customer Co-Design) 


Vallelunga e-Mobility Hub

  • Charging Station Testing Facility

Bogotà - LIATER (High Voltage and Renewable Energy Innovation Laboratory)

  • High Voltage & Renewable Energy


The Innovation Laboratory brings together the academic world, private companies and developers, in order to find solutions to the needs and challenges of the electricity sector, particularly in the areas of High Voltage and Renewable Energies.


Medellin - COLIPRI (Colombian Interoperability Electric Power Research Institute)

  • Std IEC 61850 Certification for Substations


The Laboratory of Industrial Automation and Communications evaluates communications infrastructure, research and technological development in the management of energy and intelligent production systems. It gives support in teaching and research in the university community, and provides services to companies in the manufacturing and energy sectors.


Santiago del Chile

  • Smart Meter


Sao Paulo Urban Futurability

  • Smart Grid - Network Digital Twin and Smart meter


The Hub & Lab is connected to the Urban Futurablity project in Sao Paulo. It develops the most innovative initiatives based on new technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, drones, etc.. Enel specialists and startups (or other partners) also have a physical space for co-working in a dedicated area. This guarantees a continuous exchange of ideas, from the definition of requirements right through to the validation of the solutions in the field.