A network of research laboratories where technological solutions are developed and tested in order to respond to innovation challenges in what are priority sectors for Enel

Barcelona Open Innovation Living Lab

  • Network Digital Twin Technologies and HV/MV Grid Technologies


Madrid Digital Lab

  • VR/AR, IoT & Big Data
  • eHome (IoT devices, Homix test platform, Demo & Customer Co-Design)


Malaga Open Innovation Living Lab

  • DSO Flexibility Technologies, MV/ LV Grid Advanced Analytics and Smart DSO Urban Services 
  • eCity (SmartCities devices, SmartPoles and Customer Co-Design)



  • Smart Meter

Haifa Infralab

  • Infrastructure & Network Digital Twin

Bari Smart Grid LV Lab

  • Low Voltage Smart Grid and Sensors


Catania Innovation Hub&Lab

  • Renewable Energy
  • eHome (Residential Storage & Demand Management)
  • eCity (SmartPoles & Video Analysis)  
  • eMobility (Solar EV Parking, EV Charger Test with different infrastructure)


Genova PoC/MVP & Customer Co-Design Lab

  • eCity (City Analytics)


L'Aquila PoC/MVP & Customer Co-Design Lab

  • eCity (5G Sensors and Drones for Structures Monitoring)


Milano (Innovation Hub&Lab & Smart Grid MV Lab)

  • IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence & Medium Voltage Smart Grid


Pisa Innovation Hub&Lab

  • Power Generation


Prato PoC/MVP & Customer Co-Design Lab

  • eHealth (Test & Customer Co-Design)
  • eMobility PoC (5G devices in vehicles and monitoring)
  • eIndustries (5G Industrial Power quality control and Industrial device control)


Roma Tor di Quinto Lab

  • eMobility (Demo and Customer Co-Design)


Santa Barbara

  • 3D printer


Savona Open Innovation Living Lab

  • Microgrid (urban areas, buildings)
  • eCity (SmartPoles and Customer Co-Design) 


Vallelunga e-Mobility Hub

  • Charging Station Testing Facility

Bogotà - LIATER (High Voltage and Renewable Energy Innovation Laboratory)

  • High Voltage & Renewable Energy


Medellin - COLIPRI (Colombian Interoperability Electric Power Research Institute)

  • Std IEC 61850 Certification for Substations


Santiago del Chile

  • Smart Meter


Sao Paulo Urban Futurability

  • Smart Grid - Network Digital Twin and Smart meter