ReShape: a global call for the energy transition

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The Call

As the world begins to transition into the new normal, we continue to embrace our innovation mindset in order to reimagine the way we do business.

This call aims to transform innovation into future solutions for the global energy landscape and the new needs emerging around the world. To do so, we will work closely with solvers, startups and SMEs on challenges that span across our organisation and our business.

At Enel, we know that innovation is open and always evolving, and that people are the main vehicle for solutions to come to life. We invite you to support the changing global reality by becoming part of the solution to our challenges.

Let’s keep innovating and reshaping together.

The deadline for proposals is 30 September 2020.

Learn more about the Challenges

Nicola Rossi, Head of Innovation at Enel Global Power Generation, talks about the EGP Challenge:

Robert Denda, Head of Network Technology and Innovation at Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks, talks about the I&N Challenge:

Marco Gazzino, Head of Innovability at Enel X, talks about the Enel X Challenge:

José Minguez Matorras, Head of Innovation Market Iberia at Enel and Catalina Vulpe, Go-to-Market Coordinator, Enel Romania, talk about the Markets Challenges:

Open Innovability

Be part of the change