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A centre for innovation and communication, a space devoted entirely to the future of energy distribution networks. That’s our Innovation Hub&Lab in Milan, the European centre where we are building the future of network technology in the fields of automation, digitalisation and industry 4.0 in collaboration with startups, enterprises and innovative technological partners.

The Hub&Lab is located in an area where over the past 20 years the Enel Group has developed the most innovative remote control and management technology for medium and low-voltage networks. It is here that we developed the electronic meter that made Italy the first country in the world to implement an entirely digitalised electricity grid. The Hub&Lab offers 1,200 square metres of facilities for development, prototyping and testing, and is complemented by an LEED-certified energy-sustainable showroom where it’s possible to experience innovation through an immersive display created by Augmented and Virtual Reality devices. 


Enel Innovation Hub&Lab Milano -


A research laboratory and innovation centre, the Enel Innovation Hub in Catania also includes an innovation incubator and laboratories focused on renewable energies. The Hub is located, in fact, on the site where Enel carries out experiments with the technology to increase the efficiency and affordability of solar and storage plants. Around one thousand metres square of buildings are available for research in addition to a further 30 thousand metres for outdoor tests, a space that we make available to Startups and SMEs for the development of their own solutions in collaboration with Enel.


Catania, Enel Innovation Hub&Lab -


The Global Thermal Generation Innovation Hub&Lab is part of the Innovation Hub&Labs network managed by the Group. 

The Pisa space will host startups and partners working with GTGx on the design and implementation phases of projects. 

The Innovation Hub&Lab will enable partners to work alongside Enel's Business Line and to create synergies with startups already working with the Group, with the aim of sharing value and managing the challenges of Thermal Generation.

 It will also host workshops and events focused on specific technologies.

Pisa, Enel Innovation Hub&Lab -