Technological priorities

Discover the areas in which we are seeking new technological solutions to make our services even more efficient and innovating business models

Energy Storage
Solutions to integrate energy storage systems across the entire value chain of the electricity business
Innovation in the field of clean tech energies to improve and broaden generation from renewable sources
Smart Grids / Digital Twins
Technologies that implement smart grids and mini-grids in the energy industry for more cost-efficiency
Fast-charging systems for electric vehicles in public and private networks and solutions for sustainable mobility
Citizen-centric solutions to make the cities we live in more intelligent, efficient and reliable for all
Smart Home / Home Automation
Automated technologies integrated with energy consumption monitoring for a more customized home
Platforms and devices for energy management in residential and industrial settings to empower sustainable progress
Predictive / Prescriptive Maintenance
Preventative diagnostics and machine learning tools to optimize maintenance of assets and installations
Digitalization and Big Data
Internet of Things software and platforms to support the digitalization of processes in the energy industry
Cyber Security
IT applications developed with a Security by Design (SbD) approach to protect information, assets and digital data
Robotics / Drones
Automated solutions carried out by robotic systems and drones to simplify processes across the entire business
Innovative solutions to monitor and manage the safety of installations, as well as reduce operational risks

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