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Legal representative of the company or authorized person.
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The Company, duly represented by its legal representative, is submitting information through Enel secure portal related to innovative ideas and projects within the energy field (collectively referred to as the "Submission"). Enel (Enel spa and its subsidiaries) will review each submission through an internal in-depth review process. The Company agrees to the conditions printed below.

1. Non-confidential Submission.
Only non-confidential information which does not breach any confidentiality obligations owed to others is included in the Submission and will be considered as non-confidential public information.

2. Further Discussion.
The information submitted will not prevent any party from independently developing the same or similar expertise or physical assets and offering their services to any other party (including but not limited to ENEL).
If ENEL is interested in further discussions about the Submission, an ENEL representative will contact the Company. All information disclosed by the Company in such further discussions at a preliminary stage will also be non-confidential. If, in the future, both ENEL and the Company decide to discuss confidential information, then they will sign a written confidentiality agreement.

3. Decision not to answer/consider Submission.
ENEL will not be required neither to answer nor to provide the Company with any explanation as to why ENEL may ultimately decide not to consider the submission.