Watts and More

Improving the efficiency of photovoltaic installations


Total amount of Photovoltaic (PV) fields installed to date has reached 250GW worldwide and is considered a major contributor to alternative energy. The performance of PV fields varies considerably based on the mismatch between the serially connected solar panels, where mismatch is caused by external interferences like clouds or internal changes such as panel degradation or aging. 


SolarBalancerâ„¢ by Watts & More is a hardware device intended to be installed on large scale PV projects and is designed to recover lost energy due to mismatch.

The device architecture is based on balancing small amount of current between the panels so the mismatch is effectively reduced to zero. One device can handle several panels concurrently.

Application & Benefits

The benefit of the device is both in recovering lost energy and in reporting performance of each individual panel. The solution is helpful in mitigating any existing or future degradation in the field and for enhanced operation accuracy.

Active projects

Watts & More team is working together with Enel Green Power to test the architecture under real conditions at operational large scale PV sites owned by Enel.