Ultrasolar Technology

A Technology that increases the baseline energy output by boosting power density for residential, co


The photovoltaic industry, considered among the most important in renewable energy generation, has so far reached 250GW in plants all over the world. A major research focus in the photovoltaic field consists in the continuous improvement of technologies aimed at increasing the energy produced by each panel.


Ultrasolar has developed an innovative quantum repeater (QB) that allows to increase the energy obtained by the photovoltaic modules thanks to high frequency electrical pulses, generated by means of a pyro electric effect, which are applied to the solar cells to capture a greater number of electrons.

Application and benefits

The solution developed by Ultrasolar allows to increase the energy produced by photovoltaic panels of at least 8-10%. Furthermore, the solution can be applied to any photovoltaic system.

Launched projects

In January 2017, the first tests of the first QB device prototypes were successfully completed. Enel Green Power is now about to continue tests on the device at its larger photovoltaic plants and will support greater Ultrasolar in the industrial development of the device for large-scale production.