Plant a tree or give one as a gift


In a world where problems linked to climate changes, deforestation and an increase in harmful emissions have by now reached levels that are causing extreme concerns, consumers and companies are striving to bring more and more attention to ecology, directing their own economic choices on environmental performance of products that they utilize and produce. Companies are investing more and more on trying to reduce their environmental impact and social responsibility: going hand in hand with this is the need to communicate externally, possibly using tools that allow them to offer a type of innovative and involving engagement for their stakeholders. In all of this, Treedom offers solutions that combine the need to reduce the ecological footprint of individuals and companies with the desire to communicate their green choices in an effective, timely and long term way.  


Treedom is the first e-commerce for trees in the world: an innovative, useful and fun site that allows anyone to actively contribute to the reforestation of the planet. Every tree is planted, photographed and geolocalized by farmers and local agricultural cooperatives who enjoy the social and economic benefits that come from them, to then be published on the profiles of the users that make up one of the greenest communities on the web.

Receiving updates on the growth of their own tree, viewing on a map dedicated to its exact location and adding personalized messages are just some of the features of the cheerful site, which is transparent and well integrated with social networks.

Application & Benefits

The Treedom trees are planted in agroforestry projects where they have a social, economic and environmental benefit. Each tree is for those who plant the beginning of a job, the tool to produce food for themselves and their loved ones and the way to improve the habitat in which they live. Individual farmers or small agricultural cooperatives receive a financial contribution for planting the new trees. Through the active involvement of the entire local community, the projects allow you to achieve extraordinary results in terms of community empowerment. It thus triggers both respectful and protective behavior of natural resources and micro-entrepreneurship initiatives aimed at enhancing forests, their fruit crop subsidiaries.

Active Projects

Thanks to Treedom from 2010 until today, 250,000 trees have been planted among Africa, South America and Italy. Active projects at the moment can be found located among Cameroon, Haiti, Italy, Kenya, Malawi and Senegal.

In total, Treedom has involved from the beginning of its activity, more than 17,500 farmers out of a total of 10 agro-forestry projects, compared with a web community of more than 52,000 registered site users.