Optical sensor for multifunctional interactive services


Smart-I is the startup that has created and produces Smart-I, an “intelligent” system that allows the user to understand the state of an urban area and provided interactive multi-functional services that allow the idea of Smart Cities to be created, thanks to optical sensors and image analysis algorithms.

In Italy, there are currently 52.6 million public “lighting devices” installed (from traditional lamps to LED systems). Even in conditions of energy efficiency, up to 50% of energy used by these systems is wasted.

Technology can help to reduce the public cost of lighting, using systems that can make energy use more efficient by regulating the level of artificial light based on actual lighting needs.


Smart-I was created from this need. It is a system that allows lighting levels in the urban fabric to be analysed intelligently. Using artificial intelligence algorithms in an integrated network of optical sensors, Smart-I controls the real needs of a specific main road.

Thanks to Smart-I, city lighting can change according to the weather, the number of cars, pedestrians and other factors too, guaranteeing road safety and observance of regulations. Not only that, the lighting system can also become a tool for providing traffic, weather and citizen safety information.

Application & Benefits

Smart-I allows work to be carried out on two contingent fronts that are important for development, energy efficiency improvement and safety in the cities of the future.



Thanks to real time monitoring of road conditions, Smart-I can establish the best level of lighting, to increase safety and save energy at the same time. It can also predict the ideal level of lighting for a certain time of the day and, when necessary, change it based on the new variables that emerge.


Urban Management

The Smart-I system also becomes a tool that can provide data that is useful for managing Smart Cities.

The mechanism of sensors and video cameras also works in the following fields:

  • Advanced mobility: it is possible to count and classify the cars and pedestrians that cross a given stretch of road, and also identify vehicle flows.
  • Intelligent parking: the system can be used to determine the parking availability rate. In this way, it becomes easier to direct vehicles to the empty spaces, in order to avoid road flow blocks.
  • Security: Smart-I Ultimate goes beyond video surveillance standards, thanks to the intelligent Security Module. This system acts as the human observer’s eye and manages to identify a huge range of anomalous event for urban and personal security, issuing alerts in real time to a control centre.

Active Projects

Piacenza Project


Commercial Pilot for traffic management in the Piacenza area.

Development phases

The first sensors were installed in December 2014. There are now 7 equipped with Smart-I Traffic functions. The analysed data are monitored directly by the municipality and Enel.



Brindisi Project

To develop new safety-security functions on building sites, using a pilot-sensor installed at the Brindisi Enel station.

Development phases

A dedicated server was installed in January 2015, inside the station, to allow the Brindisi station management to have direct access to data processed by Smart-I.

The Smart-I Traffic function was activated on the same sensors in July 2015.


Platform integration

Starting up integration between Smart-I and Enel Sole Platform that manages lighting points remotely, in order to enable new, added value services.

Development phases

In May 2015, a joint development activity was started up between Smart-I, Enel Distribuzione and Enel Sole. Technical analyses on the integration of platform with web services were carried out.