Real-time system protection


Even the most modern industrial plants are subjected to increasingly sophisticated terrorist or computer attacks by governments, competitors and criminals. These types of attacks can cause blackouts and other problems of such entity as to destabilise an entire nation.

The industrial security market is experiencing continuous growth, and is expected to be worth as much as €10.81bn in 2018 (source: Market and Market analysis).


Nozomi Networks has been working to rethink the concept of industrial safety. After six years of research, it has presented an architecture that can monitor the behaviour of the various departments of a plant, minute by minute. This system is called Nozomi Industrial Global Critical State Guardian.

Application & Benefits

The Guardian produces a data exchange map from a network traffic analysis, and identifies Internet attacks or unclear behaviours in communication flows.

Nozomi Networks cooperates with Enel to develop specific systems for securing communications in energy production plants.

Active Projects

Nozomi already features in Enel technology, tasked with retrieving and analysing data. 

Laboratory tests are currently under way in the experimental research centre in Livorno. To these, a number of field trials will be added at a later date.

In 2016, Nozomi received an investment of € 7.5 million from two US venture capital funds.