Big Data for energy efficiency


Big Data is a relatively unexplored frontier, and an immense source of useful information, also for the management of energy production facilities. To manage this distributed intelligence, it is necessary to use technologies capable of analysing and translating this wealth of information into ways to increase the efficiency of traditional and renewable facility management, the distribution network and end consumption, generating value-added services for smart, modern-day cities.


nJoin has developed plug-and-play solutions capable of receiving streams of raw data within a network, identifying mechanical interactions and transforming information received into meaningful data. These solutions can be used to run management models and behavioural analyses aimed at predicting efficiency maintenance in management and diagnostics operations. The system analyses both historical and real-time data.

Application & Benefits

nJoin provides a real-time diagnosis and a predictive tool for applications that manage plant maintenance.

Using the data collected by nJoin, it is possible to set up more flexible processes and production lines, with a focus on sustainability.

Its unique technology has led to the design of a device capable of independently analysing the operations of a plant. But that’s not all. By recording all data, the tool allows users to “learn” constantly and adapt to evolving situations over the years.

Active projects

As an extension of its use in the industrial field, Enel is currently applying the nJoin solution to its energy production facilities.