The DEN.OS platform is a “best-in-class” Distributed Energy Network Optimization System, that maximi


In the energy market, storage technology is a major global challenge: in fact, this industry will be particularly interesting in the near future, since it will enable many other related services, for example, renewable generation optimisation, electric mobility and network management.


The DEN.OS system by Demand Energy is an end-to-end solution that creates value over a project’s entire lifecycle. The platform and the cloud-based analysis tools are innovative and scalable and can meet the needs of any energy market segment by offering value on a wide range of storage applications.

Application and benefits

The DEN.OS platform offers the analysis and control tools required to aggregate the energy management of multiple systems, creating an online virtual power plant that operates more efficiently and multiplies savings. The DEN.OS energy management system, based on control technology and cost-effectiveness, facilitates the design, integration and operation of the energy plants and services on both sides of the meter. The collaboration between Enel and Demand Energy, which has established itself as a storage market leader in New York City, will produce offered valuable solutions in the field of network optimisation and energy management.

Launched projects

Enel, which strongly believes in the potential of this solution, Enel, purchased a 100%stake in Demand Energy through its subsidiary Enel North America.