Software and hardware monitoring solutions through drones


Drones can perform an increasing amount of activities: from the monitoring of specific areas to projects regarding the delivery of materials replacing ordinary couriers. However, an area in which drones can play a particularly useful role is the monitoring of plants which are difficult to reach or that present hazardous situations. In these cases, the opportunities offered by drones allow to lower the risk of operations and optimise control activities.


Archon has developed a monitoring hardware and software solution using drones. In fact, the drones developed by Archon return to the charging platform when the battery level requires it, and they can be replaced by other drones that automatically take up the planned activities. On the other hand, the company’s software has the ability to manage the autonomous flight of a fleet of drones and, above all, to organise and process the images collected during the flight, providing a comprehensive analysis of what has been observed.

Application and benefits

This technology allows to request and search data by using a single point of command, with the guarantee of not having to manually manage the flight and recharge the ‘flying cameras’. The system allows to obtain 24/7accurate information on the status of the equipment or facilities that are filmed by the drones.

Launched projects

An ongoing project is testing the solution developed by Archon for the analysis of solar parks, with the aim of identifying, by collecting and analysing images, any failures or problems, and providing a surveillance around the solar plant’s perimeter and inside it.