Israel Ministry of Economy

We have signed an agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Economy aimed at selecting, recruiting and supporting Israeli startups concerned with developing innovative projects related to the energy sector.

Our partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Economy takes the form of a Global Enterprise Collaboration programme. This initiative sets out to encourage the development of innovative technologies through the collaboration of Israeli startups with multinational corporations.

Under the programme, startups submit their project to a company that, if interested, provides the necessary technological and strategic support. These projects are funded by the Ministry.


How does the project work?

The project works as follows.

Enel will publish calls for tender on specific topics, indicating interests and priorities. These calls will be disseminated by the Isreali Ministry of Economy through its various channels.

Together, we will assess which startups best suit the project scope, and the effort required to develop their ideas.

Together with the startups, we will develop a business plan, providing our industrial support in terms of know-how, access to test sites and laboratories, and support from our engineers and managers. At the same time, the startups can apply for a grant from the Ministry of Economy for an amount equal to the subsidy offered by Enel.



Proposals may be submitted in the TAKE PART section of ​​our website.