Energy Start is the first accelerator for energy startups in Latin America: it is searching for “technological entrepreneurs” who wish to develop creative solutions in the energy sector. It is already present in Chile and Brazil and will soon be launched in other countries in the region.

In Brazil, we are working in partnerships with the business accelerator Aceleratech, while the Chile branch of Energy Start uses the collaboration of the incubator “Imagine Business Lab”, which is an accelerator for new projects to favor development in the enterprise market.

With Energy Start, we are looking for the best entrepreneurs in the energy sector so that we can work with them to improve and grow their startups. This is one way to help the entrepreneurs’ creativity emerge and help the startups to develop an industrial project for added value solutions and services for a continuously evolving energy market.

Each selected enterprise will have:

  • Access to Enel’s experience, structures and clients in more than 30 countries;
  • dedicated support for the development and growth of its own business, in addition to specific training on product development, team creation, company management and business growth;
  • mentoring and coaching by specialists in the global energy industry;
  • Introduction into the international Enel business network;
  • Access to dedicated events for national and international investors.

At the end of the program, Enel can invest in the accelerated companies, become a partner for the distribution of products and services or become a client. We will also help the startups to attract further possible investors.


“The program combines the experience that Enel has accrued in supporting startups with the Group’s international presence. Good ideas have no boundaries and nationalities. This is why we decided to launch Energy Start in the whole of Latin America: we are sure that the startups’ innovative proposals can respond to two needs: improving operational efficiency and developing new products”.

Luciano Tommasi,

Head of Enel New Ventures Initiatives


What are we looking for?

With Energy Start, Enel is searching for technological companies that are developing creative energy solutions or added value services for the industries in this sector. The startups that we have in mind must be a distinguished team, working to solve a real problem in a large market, and that has already launched at least one product (or developed a functioning prototype).

We are looking for projects connected with these topics:

Internet of things: solutions that allows everyday objects to be connected to the internet to send and receive data, in particular technologies that are connected to intelligent homes and solutions for industry, security and infrastructures.

Electrical mobility and storage: companies that are developing technologies and services to apply and integrate electrical mobility and energy storage solutions.

Distributed generation: solutions for the decentralized generation of electricity and with storage, include ways to integrate, install, maintain and manage these technologies.

Energy efficiency: solutions connected with improving energy efficiency in both residential or industrial environments, including electricity management platforms and devices and automation devices for improving station functions.

Infrastructures: companies that are developing technological solutions for urban energy infrastructures, such as systems for smart cities and public lighting.

Added value services: companies with solutions that could generate additional value for Enel businesses, especially products and services that foresee recurring invoicing in areas such as training, telecommunications and financial services.


How can I take part?


There are no open calls at present. Visit the Open Innovability website to learn about the other Enel challenges in progress.