Innovation Toolbox

Enel's project
for startups

We have always distinguished ourselves for one thing at Enel: constant attention to innovation that can improve our lifestyles.
Innovating for us means adopting fresh, quick tools that can adapt to a constantly changing environment. This project, wanted by the Innovation Committee (chaired by the Enel CEO, Francesco Starace) is the right place to catalyse these tools. We are looking for partners with which we can identify and reinterpret innovative technologies in the realm of Green Economy and sustainability.
At Enel, in fact, we strongly believe in the relationship with startups and in virtuous results that this can generate.

Our Team

  • Ernesto Ciorra Head of Innovation and Sustainability, Enel
  • Luciano Tommasi Head of Startup Activities and Business Incubator, Enel
  • Riccardo Amoroso Head of Innovation and Sustainability, Enel Green Power
  • Federico Caleno Head of New Technologies and Global I&N Innovation, Global Infrastructures and Network Enel
  • Cristiana La Marca Head of Research and Innovation, Global Generation Enel
  • Gioacchino Bellia Head of Innovation Management, Global Generation Enel
  • Matilde Tizio Innovation, Global ICT Enel
  • Luca Seletto Innovation Team, Enel


We are open

What are we
looking for

We are looking for the protagonists of the future, people who know how to interpret the energy and sustainability market and improve it. We want to promote innovation in the energy sector, developing products and services for the market that can make energy use smarter, more efficient and reliable. To provide added value for our clients and stakeholders.
The macro-areas we wish to invest in are energy efficiency and the use of energy planning platforms. Not only that. Enel StartUp has been created to support Smart Home, Cyber Security and Internet of Things projects.

We are searching for ideas that have tangible possibilities for development, to continue with partners and institutions that will work closely with Enel to support change and the value of innovation. The final goal is to offer our clients a new, dynamic and efficient service.

How we support projects
for the future

We are aware that developing long-lasting, solid business projects requires a complicated, structured management effort. This is why Enel provides industrial support, which is extremely important for carrying out a winning idea. Also thanks to our presence on all continents, we are also able to help business development in other areas too, offering expertise and structures in loco.

Once a startup has been identified, our professionals draw up a joint development plan. We provide our experience, together with Enel structures and client bases in more than 30 countries. We help startups in the product development and testing phase too, right up to the launch.
However, Enel’s support does not finish here. At the end of the incubation program, Enel will be able to invest in companies, attract other possible investors, become a partner for the distributions of their products and services or become a client of theirs. With collaboration that brings benefit to everyone.


The partnership between Enel and the Israeli Ministry of Economy is realized through the program Global Enterprise Collaboration. An initiative that aims at encouraging the development of innovative technologies through collaboration between Israeli startups and multinational corporations.
Startup Europe Partnership aims at providing an integrated platform with the objective of bringing out the best startups putting them in contact with major international companies.
A pan-European platform where the best continental startup may have opportunities for qualified meetings with managers of large companies interested in buying and distributing products and services to startups, investing on them and eventually capturing them.
True North Ventures supports startups that have the potential to transform, expand and lead the international industry in the sectors of energy, water, agriculture and waste. The goal is to identify the business realities that have strategic visions and technologies to improve the world. The contribution of True North Ventures is realized in the supply of capital and skills.
Aster Capital was founded in 2000 by Alstom, Schneider Electric and Solvay Rhodia. Its mission is to invest and support the most innovative startups working in the field of energy and environment by helping them to develop technologies and increasingly advanced business models.
Capital Nature is an investment company focused on financing startups operating in the renewable sector in Israel. In addition to the accelerator, it also invests in academic centres of research and manages an experimental centre of the Eilot region. Founded in 2011, it operates under the National Renewable Energy Center of Israel to promote the development of renewables.
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