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31 January, 2017 / News,Startup
Tel Aviv, six months of discoveries

Born in July of last year, the startup accelerator set up by Enel in Israel has already brought together many young innovative companies and Group business units, strengthening the Open Innovation approach

Technological Priorities
Energy Storage Solutions

Data analytics solutions

Energy Management Platforms and Devices (including HVAC) for industrial and residential segment

Smart home

Internet of things

Electric Vehicle solutions
Cyber security

Forecasting algorithms for Renewable and Conventional Energy Systems

Advanced distributed generation systems technologies for residential / small business customers / districts

Innovative generation technologies for renewable energies

Diagnostic and automation tools for improving power plants operations and maintenance performances; (e.g. augmented reality, wireless sensors, on line monitoring)

Advanced integrated technologies for monitoring and managing safety of construction / operation sites
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31 January, 2017 / News,Startup Tel Aviv, six months of discoveries Read
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